Senate Passed ESEA Bill

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Last week, the Senate passed the Every Child Achieves Act, a rewrite of ESEA (or NCLB as most educators know it). With 81 in favor and only 17 against, the bill represents the first serious effort to reframe our education system in over a decade.This article, on Education Week, gives a nice overview of the bill and its amendments.

Now, the Senate and House must meet, compare, and decide what the final bill should look like before another Congressional vote and, if all goes well, a trip to the President’s desk.


ESEA Update

ESEA Posts

As the Senate debates the Every Child Achieves Act, the House is continuing its push for an ESEA rewrite with the Student Success Act.

Education Week shares the details of the bill and amendments that passed (218-213). To read the official bill summary, check out the Education and Workforce Committees majority outline here. See the minority (dissenting) opinion here.